Cotton Belt Trail, City of Waco ​

The project consisted of converting an abandoned Cotton Belt Railroad right-of-way into a hike/bike trail.  The 2.5 mile long trail extends from a new residential development at the west end to the City’s landfill which is planned to be converted to a park at the east end.  Trailheads are provided at each end.  As the trail crosses the South Bosque River a new trail bridge will be constructed using the existing abandoned railroad piers as supports.  The structure for the new trail bridge on the abandoned railroad piers is a steel superstructure with a removable deck for access to the utilities carriers by the existing railroad bents.  As the trail continues west, it curves southward and departs from the railroad embankment as an aerial structure.  The aerial structure descends and winds downward passing under FM 2837.  The trail touches down at the south side of FM 2837.  As a project engineer, Mr. Lindsey prepared the horizontal and vertical alignments as well as performed structural design and details for various elements of the bridges.