Cypress Waters Trail – Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Improvements- dALLAS COUNTY

Consisted of approximately 1.5 miles of 14-foot-wide bicycle and pedestrian trail adjacent to North Lake and 10’ sidewalk along Olympus Blvd, as an extension of the Cypress Waters Trail master plan in the City of Coppell.  Utilizing federal funding from TxDOT and traversing through private property in the City of Dallas. This Dallas County led project required strict coordination with all vested public and private parties to ensure the schedule is maintained and the project stayed within the budget. As the Deputy Project Manager, Fabian has facilitated communications with the County and kept a detailed record of communications and decisions made throughout the life of the project.  He has coordinated with the engineering consultant for the developer of the private property to ensure that the design is consistent with the most recent plans and that trail geometry was consistent with the developer’s compliance with the FEMA LOMR process.  Mr. Herrera has prepared a 3D model to ensure that proposed improvements would not encroach on the proposed lake surface.  Trail design is being completed in accordance with TxDOT standards, AASHTO Guide for Development of Bicycle Facilities, 4th Edition, NCTCOG, and City of Dallas Hydraulic Design Manual. The project is currently in the 90% design phase and is on schedule to be delivered in February 2021.

Special Experiences related to the design of Cypress waters Trail are:
Coordination with verity of stakeholders, City of Coppell, City of Dallas, City of Irving, Developer who donated the ROW, and Dallas County and TxDOT as owners. Project Manager David Hosseiny has created a special line of communication with all stakeholders, thru out 2018 and 2019, face-to-face progress meetings, and webcast meetings thru out 2020 (year of Pandemic). Our experience with this kind of verity of stakeholders was very challenging, and in the end, the project became a success.

Innovation related to the design of Cypress waters Trail:
In the design process, Mr. Fabian Herrera has used 3D modeling, which was very innovative, since has shown a relationship, between the edge of the trail, cross drainage, and all utilities, and allows us to modify utilities and drainage facilities. Also, since this trail is next to Northlake in Irving, 3 D modeling has shown a relationship between trail and water surface at the lake.