Plano Transit Village Veloweb, Plano – City of Plano​

This project consisted of approximately one mile of pedestrian/bike trail beginning at the Westbound Frontage Road of PGBT continuing north in the DART R.O.W. to 12th St and then winding through to the cul-de-sac of 12th Place.  The project included all alignment design for the trail, associated drainage design, and modifications, retaining wall design, and details.  Mr. Lindsey was responsible for structural design of approximately 2300 LF of parallel retaining wall.  The walls are in DART ROW and conformed to DART and TxDOT criteria. MV Engineering's scope of services included survey of existing R.O.W. set the alignment and ramp layouts and ADA requirement confirmation in preparation for TDLR review and approval.  MVE completed the following tasks: Preliminary horizontal and vertical alignment study to identify utility and other conflicts. Prepare Construction Plans including typical sections, retaining wall details, and utility relocation. Provide Exhibits and other documentation for several property owner easement acceptance. Coordinate with Surveyor concerning R.O.W. location and existing features. Provide exhibits and support staff with Public meetings. Submit the plans for TDLR review and amend plans to comply with any comments. Prepare Probable Construction Cost Estimate, Specifications, and Bid Documents