West 7th Street Bridge over the Clear Fork of Trinity River-  Fort Worth, Texas​

Reconstruction of a, 981 feet long, TxDOT Off-System Bridge to improve bicycle and pedestrian access and safety, while creating a landmark gateway between the city’s downtown and cultural district. The new bridge consists of 4 traffic lanes, with space to accommodate future light rail and 10-foot pedestrian walkways on each side. Mr. Behmanesh served as the project manager for the City of Fort Worth. He partnered with TxDOT to explore and utilize alternative funding sources to facilitate the design and construction of this signature bridge project. He was responsible for all aspects of the project from inception to completion that including design concept, plans, securing right-of-way acquisitions, utility clearance, and construction. This was achieved through coordination with the elected officials, USACE, Streams and Valleys, stakeholders, and the public at large during the project development and construction. A highlight of this project was that the bridge featured 12 precast concrete arches that run the length of the bridge, each measuring 24 feet tall by 163 feet long, and weighing 640,000 pounds. In order to minimize street closure and reduce the impact on the traveling public a precast method for the arches, beams, and most of the superstructure was employed. The old bridge was 58’ wide while the proposed bridge was 88’, which allowed the drill shafts and piers to be constructed while the existing bridge in service. A total of 150 days were allowed for the contractor to demolish the old bridge, erect the arches, beams, and deck and reopen the bridge to the traffic.